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Painting and sketching in digital media is my newest form of expression, and with great certainty,
one of my favorites! I enjoy the free reign that comes with being able to readjust a sketch on my canvas, and not be rushed into
completing layers before paint dries. I can take my time, and explore different hues, values, and compositions with no restrictions, save, the 
limit of my own creativity.
I was introduced to digital painting in 2015, where I was mesmerized by the sheer capability of the medium. 
shortly after, I acquired my first tablet and was determined to produce the same sort of incredible, artistic sorcery I had witnessed before.

Now, I paint digitally every opportunity I get. it is my favorite tool for creating illustrations.

Just a little more.jpg
Toad stool painting.jpg
6 Goblin wyvern.jpg
Calm Sun.jpg
Sugar's got spice and it's not always ni
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